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Sugar Fortification

Sugar fortification with vitamin A is a common method to combat
vitamin A malnutrition. BASF offers the vitamin A powder
Dry Vitamin A-Palmitate 250, which is highly suitable for sugar fortification. Its stability in bulk as well as in sugar is excellent because it is effectively protected by anti-oxidants.

In addition, the fine particle size of BASF’s vitamin A powder ensures a homogeneous distribution in sugar.

Vitamin A Calculator

This calculator will evaluate the amount of Dry Vitamin A-Palmitate with a potency of 250.000 l.U./g needed to fortify sugar.

Level of fortification:

l.U./g in final sugar

Amount of sugar:

Metric Tons

Amount of Vitamin A-Palmitate 250 MS CWD



The Fortification of Sugar with Vitamin A

More information and technical guidance is available here

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